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Socket 370 SBC Has On-Board LCD Controller

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By taking advantage of Intel's Socket 370 low-profile PPGA processor, users of the PCM-6890 single-board computer are able to upgrade their embedded systems from Pentium MMX to Pentium II-level without making it a bulky system. The compact SBC features an on-board LCD controller, Ethernet interface, audio functionality, and a socket for the DiskOnChip flash disk. Also, the Celeron processor consumes less power and dissipates less heat than Slot One technology, which is critical in building efficient embedded systems. The on-board 100Base-TX Ethernet interface and Sound Blaster-compatible audio leaves the board suited for applications in kiosks, gaming systems, POS systems, medical, and educational products. The board also includes four high-speed serial ports, one multi-mode parallel port, a floppy drive controller, an Ultra DMA/33 Enhanced IDE controller, and a keyboard/PS/2 mouse interface. Price starts at $560.

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