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Socket And Prototyping Adapter Outfit Bluetooth Applications

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Production sockets and prototyping adapters have been developed for use with Ericsson’s ROK 101 007 Bluetooth module. The socket’s special surface-mount footprint attaches easily to PC boards and eliminates damage to the boards. The special footprint also allows easy insertion and removal of modules for upgrade, replacement and repair. The prototyping adapter provides options beyond surface mounting and enables the socket to plug into standard prototyping boards. Applications include mobile phones, laptops, PDAs and wireless networks. Pricing for the Bluetooth module production socket, part number S-BGA-00-030-SM, is $2.60 each/5,000. Pricing for the Bluetooth prototyping adapter, part number AB-030-BT01S-P4-M-1, is $65 each. For further details, contact EMULATION TECHNOLOGY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 232-7837.

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