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Socket Provides Short Signal Path For BGA/CSP Testing

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Operating at frequencies above 10 GHz, the Interposer socket for BGA/CSP testing provides a signal path as short as 0.008". It is offered as a compliment to the Microstrip Contact system that measures just 0.007" thick. The socket features what is reported as a high life cycle, pressure-mount plunge-to-board interposer that is easily maintained. Pitches are available down to 0.3 mm and signal paths from 0.008" to 0.015". Contact inductance and resistance are 0.1 nH and less than 20 m_, respectively. Available configurations include MLF, QFN, BGA, MSOP, QSOP, QFP, and LGA. Price is $2,780 each. ARIES ELECTRONICS INC., Frenchtown, NJ. (908) 996-6841.

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