Electronic Design

Soft-Touch Edge Grips “Take The Edge Off ” Handheld Enclosures

To bring about secure and comfortable holding during use, the Teknet handheld enclosures offer soft-touch edge grips. Dual molding is used to mold these elastomer (TPU) edge grips onto the ABS case shells. The case material is off-white or black ABS (UL94 HB) with a textured finish. The grips come in contrasting light gray or dark gray elastomer. The enclosures measure 6.10 by 3.78 in. and are available in heights of 0.79, 0.95, and 1.11 in. The top part is recessed for easy location of a membrane keypad. Screw pillars are incorporated in the top and base moldings for fitting pc boards. Assembly is accomplished with four self-tapping screws. The Teknet cases suit mobile electronics such as test instruments, medical devices, data loggers, and security systems. Quantity pricing starts at $14 each.

Teko Enclosures
www.tekoenclosures.com; (800) 965-9872

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