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Integrated Development Software Series Addition Boosts Functionality
The Dynamic C Premier, the latest version of the Dynamic C integrated development software series, adds a MicroC/OS-II real-time kernel, fast fourier transform (FFT), and TCP/IP capabilities. Designed for use with the Rabbit 2000 microprocessor, the software enhances existing tools for the development process.

Immediate evaluation of TCP/IP applications using the Rabbit 2000 and the NE2000 Ethernet chip set is supported by full TCP/IP source code. Executable code can be downloaded into Flash memory or optional battery-packed RAM.

Available communications ports include an RS-232 port and a factory configurable port for either RS-485 or RS-323. Additionally, the TCP/IP development board includes four high-current outputs, seven timers, a real-time battery-backable clock, and a 10Base-T Ethernet interface.

Available on CD-ROM through the company, the Dynamic C Premier is priced at $295.

Z-World, 2900 Spafford St., Davis, CA 95616; (530) 757-3737; fax (530) 753-5141; www.zworld.com.

Tool Helps Create Algorithms Compliant With The TMS320 DSP
The eXpressDSP Component Wizard aids in the creation of algorithms that adhere to Texas Instrument's TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard. Using information supplied through a series of step-by-step screens, this tool automatically produces a source code template and associated project file that can be compiled into a custom vendor-specific XDAIS-compliant algorithm. The actual algorithm is inserted into the resulting source code and the project is compiled with Code Composer Studio.

Compliance-testing of the resulting XDAIS library file is then conducted by Texas Instruments. This tool is authorized by TI as a valid Code Composer Studio plug-in. This product also allows the user to create a VAB block component to harness the XDAIS algorithm.

Available now, the eXpressDSP Component Wizard costs $295.

Hyperception, 9550 Skillman, Ste. 302, Dallas, TX 75243; (214) 343-8525; fax (214) 343-2457; www.hyperception.com.

Virtual Factory Uses Process Intelligence In CIM Environment
The CircuitCAM Factory Modeler module produces a virtual factory that combines organization and process intelligence in a CIM environment. Using a graphical, drag-and-drop environment, this tool allows the user to build routings to all process machinery, including automatic, semi-automatic, hand-assembly stations, final assembly, and shipment.

Using a Microsoft Access database and dynamic process assignment, this module automatically filters process data to individual machines in the assembly line. The company offers this illustration of the module's performance: the module will, if the pc board calls for a BGA to be placed on the board, assign tasks to a stencil printer to place solder on the pads and to an x-ray station to inspect the solder balls after overflow.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Aegis Industrial Software, 2 Walnut Grove Dr., Ste. 190, Horsham, PA 19044; (215) 773-3571; fax (215) 773-3572; www.aiscorp.com.

Cross Development Kit Aids Creation Of Embedded Software On PCs
The Hard Hat Linux Cross Development Kit (CDK) version 1.2 allows developers of pervasive Linux applications to create their embedded software on desktop PCs and workstations and integrate and deploy their finished designs on mission-specific embedded hardware.

According to the company, this kit is suited for developers of Linux applications for telecommunications and data communications, consumer devices, instrumentation, and industrial equipment. The CDK supports three host platforms and four microprocessor architectures.

Offering application packages, software components, and development tools optimized for embedded applications, this development kit targets embedded Intel x86 and Pentium, Motorola, and IBM PowerPC, NEC MIPS and Intel Strong-ARM CPU architectures. Projects developed on both commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom hardware are supported. The CDK supports Compact-PCI, PC-104, and other COTS and reference platforms for proprietary embedded hardware. Cross development support for Red Hat 6.1/6.2, Yellow Dog Linux, and Solaris host platforms is also featured. Value-added tools and technologies include Microwindows GUI, the ViewML embedded browser, the MontaVista real-time scheduler, and more than 60 embeddable applications and utility packages.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

MontaVista Software Inc., 490 Potrero Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94085; (408) 328-9200; fax (408) 328-3875; www.mvista.com.

Updated Software Platform Aims At High-Speed Telecommunications
The e*ORB 2.0 version CORBA implementation aims at high-speed telecommunications, e-business, and automotive manufacturing applications. The size of the product has been decreased to target wireless and Internet applications down to the handheld device level. The latest version features lightweight asynchronous messaging, portable interceptors, and simultaneous support for multiple network protocols.

New tracing, debugging, and monitoring features have also been added to this version.

Shipping of e*ORB 2.0 is scheduled to begin shortly. Contact the company for information about pricing and availability. le

Vertel Corp., 21300 Victory Blvd., Ste. 700, Woodland Hills, CA 91367; (818) 227-1400; (818) 598-0047; www.vertel.com.

High-Performance, Low-Power Microprocessor Features RTOS
The MPC7400 PowerPC microprocessor features the OSE real-time operating system (RTOS) and a complete 128-bit implementation of Motorola's AltiVec technology. According to its manufacturer, this low-power microprocessor is suited for design engineers working with networking and telecommunications infrastructures as well as desktop and portable computing.

Run-time analysis and control of a system is provided by the OSE Illuminator, a debugging and development tool. It offers system browsing, memory and CPU profiling, run-time monitoring, tracing, post-mortem analysis, and program loading for the microprocessor. The OSE Illuminator and the message-passing structure of the OSE RTOS create a system that avoids such problems as memory starvation and system crashes. Also, the microprocessor is manufactured with the 0.15-µm copper HiPerMOS fabrication process, a method that improves circuit speeds and reliability.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Enea OSE Systems Inc., 101 Metro Dr., Ste. 680, San Jose, CA 95110; (408) 392-9300; fax (408) 392-9301; www.enea.com.

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