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Software Allows For Rapid Characterization Of Digital Interconnects

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Higher digital system performance and faster design cycles is the goal of IConnect software, an integrated measurement, model extraction, and model verification environment that allows for the rapid characterization of digital interconnects on pc and flexible circuit boards, connectors, IC packages, MCMs, and firm's on-chip interconnects. The software provides GPIB link to Tektronix 11801/CSA803 and Hewlett Packard 54750A and 54120 oscilloscopes. Based on acquired data, the program computes the true impedance profile of the DUT, resulting in higher accuracy impedance measurement. The software allows designers to do characterization of such small structures as microvias on the pc boards, short bondwires in the IC packages, and even on-chip interconnects, with the only limiting factor being the rise time of the instrument. The software runs on Windows NT/98./95.

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