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Software Bridges Gap Between Tools And Platforms

The latest version of SwiftNet claims to meet the needs of system designers searching for host-to-target, multiprocessor and multi-board connectivity. SwiftNet 4.0 uses a new streaming API as a way to transfer bi-directional streams of data between the host and target. Said to be the industryÕs first bi-directional communications protocol for developing real-time DSP applications, SwiftNet is a TCP/IP communications protocol that manages the connection between software development tools and VME DSP products based on Texas InstrumentsÕ TMS320C30/40/50 DSPs and Analog DevicesÕ SHARC. A plug-in supporting TIÕs Code Composer Studio debugging software allows the program to communicate with an unlimited number of DSP targets in multiple locations and facilitates live debugging over the Internet. A runtime version turns the CPU board into an Ethernet-to-VME adapter and fully supports all SwiftNet communication between the host workstation and VMEbus targets. The embedded version is available for various Motorola, Radstone, and Pentek embedded CPU boards as well as Artesyn Baja 740/750 boards. SwiftNet 4.0 for Red Hat Linux and the driver source code are available immediately at no charge. The product is also supplied at no additional charge with Code Composer Studio. Run-time versions start at $1,500, while VxWorks developerÕs versions start at $2,500.

Company: PENTEK INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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