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Software Brings IEEE 1532 Support To Boundary-Scan Toolset

The Boundary-Scan PLD Programming Generator (BPPG), a board-level programming toolset, now features software support for devices complying with IEEE 1532 specifications (In System Configuration of Programmable Devices). The software, called PLDPROG, creates IEEE 1532 applications based solely on the BSDL 1532 files and the board's netlist. IEEE 1532 ISC data files are incorporated into the programming application at runtime rather than during the development process. Accessing the data during programming execution allows programmable-logic-device (PLD) images to be changed on-the-fly in production without having to regenerate the applications. Because of IEEE 1532's inherent capability to handle compliant devices simultaneously, users with more than one such device on their boards (even devices from different vendors) will see significant savings in programming time. The PLDPROG software is available now in a range of automation capabilities. The software delivers a universal boundary-scan-based toolset to engineering, production, or field service users of a variety of programmable logic devices from major vendors. The software starts at $2000.

JTAG Technologies www.jtag.com; (877) FOR-JTAG

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