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Software For Design Of Electrical Controls Upgraded

E³.series 2007, the latest version of the Windows-based electrical-control design and documentation suite, includes a number of functionality improvements relating to third-party integration and increased ease of use and productivity. The upgraded software, from CIM-Team and parent company Zuken, also launches the E³.formboard module for manufacturing cable harnesses. Enhancements to the certified SAP interface, along with support of 3D-MCAD data in STEP AP203/214 Format and MicroStation data, allows organizations to quickly and easily modify master records without entering the SAP environment. Additionally, users can edit components and classification material master data directly within E³.series using the online synchronization interface. Also, new bi-directional support of DGNdirect data for MicroStation allows organizations in which MicroStation is the dominant tool to benefit from E³.series’ object-oriented technology.

The integrated E³.formboard module will support the custom wire and cable harness market by assisting in the creation of nailboard displays required for producing wire and cable harnesses. The module allows users to create connector tables automatically, graphically display manufacturing and displayed lengths, apply automatic stretching and compressing to cables, and rotate cable branches. Advances in ease of use and productivity include the ability to copy, insert, and modify structural parts of a project. Users can now copy entire panels repeatedly and adapt them to specific requirements. With larger installations, complete machinery and plant structure can be copied. Furthermore, with “Shared Sheets” in E³.panel, users can display specific regions of different panels with individual scaling, making it easier to wire between panels.


E³.series 2007 is shipping now.


Contact the company for price information.


Visit www.cim-team.com or www.zuken.com/e3.

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