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Software Development Kit Eases Linux Networking

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, San Jose, CA. – Groomed for the company's OXETHU954 network connectivity controller chip, the DS-OXETHx954 software development kit promises to dramatically simplify the design of Linux based device networking products. The kit includes a development board, Wind River's Linux OS, and Eclipse-based IDE tools, providing a complete hardware and software development environment tailored to the needs of factory automation, point-of-sale, and building management applications. Features include Wind River Platform CD Linux, the company’s Carrier Grade Linux platform, plus Wind River Workbench and CodeSourcery G++ development tools for a 30-day evaluation. In terms of memory, the board carries 64 MB of SDRAM and 16 MB of flash memory. The development kit comes with Ethernet, USB and 9-way D to RJ-45 serial cables, power supply, and power cord. Price is $1,995. OXFORD SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Mission Viejo, CA. (949) 348-1235.


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