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Software Integrates Board And FPGA Design Solutions

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The integration of the firm's DesignView and Design Architect board creation tools with FPGA Advantage, an advanced HDL solution for FPGA design, is possible through FPGA BoardLink, an optional component that allows system designers access to the company's best-in-class HDL design capture, simulation and synthesis tools, while providing the ability to move rapidly between board and FPGA designs, with changes synchronized automatically.
With the program, board-level designers can easily leverage FPGA Advantage technology for managing the FPGA design and implementation. When the FPGA design is ready to be placed on the board, the FPGA symbol must be added and the pin connections made on the board schematic. FPGA BoardLink bridges the data gap by consuming FPGA pin-out information from the FPGA vendors' place-and-route routines and reconstructs it as both a symbol and as connectivity mapping for the board schematic. Price: $995.

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