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Software Simplifies Math, Control And Signal Processing Applications

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Well-suited for fast simulations, modeling and prototyping of mathematics, signal processing and control applications, the PCI-416HYP/L Block Diagram Signal Processing System is for use with the firm's PCI-416 A/D boards and PC-420 arbitrary waveform generator. Running under Windows 95 or NT, the software contains an object-oriented visual environment using graphical programming "Block Language" icons and "connect-the-boxes" technique that allows users to build and run their application without having to learn a new computer language. Built-in tracing tools allow each block diagram to be debugged visually. The block diagrams may be saved to a disk library or re-edited for other applications. The system offers comprehensive mathematics, control and signal processing libraries. Optional image processing and communications libraries enhance the basic system. An extensive set of DSP functions offer FFTs while several types of digital filters, digital logic, bit conversion, and display functions are also included. The PCI-416HYP/L has nearly 100 functions and includes the most common digital signal processing operations, while the full library block diagram, the PCI-416HYP, includes several hundred operations. Both systems use identical menus and system operation.

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