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SOICs Can Measure Low Acceleration In Three Dimensions On PCBs

For systems that need to detect small changes in force, such as are required of game pads and vehicle roll-over detection systems, the company now offers a line of inertial sensor ICs that can measure acceleration levels as low as 1.5g to 8g. Capable of measuring force in three dimensions on pc boards, the new, low gravity (g) inertial sensors derive their low-force sensing capabilities from microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. The sensors integrate an array of features that include signal conditioning, temperature compensation, zero-g offset with a sensitivity of 1.2 V/g, and self-test capability. The family of low-g accelerometers includes: the MMA1220D 8g, Z-axis sensor; MMA1250D 5g, Z-axis sensor; MMA1270D 2.5g, Z-axis sensor; MMA2260D 1.5g, X-axis sensor; and MMA1260D 1.5g, Z-axis sensor. Offered in 16-pin SOIC packages, the sensor ICs are priced at $7.54 each/10K. MOTOROLA INC., Austin, TX. (512) 895-2000.


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