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Solder Paste And Flux Remover Cleans SMT PCBs And Contacts

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The effective removal of RMA, RA, No-Clean, and other types of fluxes and solder paste from smeared or misprinted pc boards, production equipment, stencils, gold edge contacts, relays, and other areas that should be free of contamination is possible with firm's Solder Paste and Flux Remover, which is aid to be CFC-free and safe with very little odor. It leaves no residue and is non-flammable and completely water soluble, so it can be rinsed away along with flux activators and potentially corrosive flux and paste components. It can be diluted up to 50% with DI water and still clean effectively, it's claimed, especially water-soluble fluxes and pastes. It is also available in semi-aqueous formulation.The product comes in SuperSaturated SmartWipes 50- and 100-wipe canisters, SmartSpray one-pint trigger spray bottles, and in one-gallon and 55-gallon containers.

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