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Solder Paste Makes Very Small Dots

Formulated for trouble-free application with auger or positive-displacement valves in SMT assembly operations, Ultra Fine Pitch solder paste can be dispensed through tips as fine as 30 gage (0.006" I.D.) without clogs or separation. This permits the paste to be used with automatic dispensing equipment in assembling fine pitch circuit boards.The clog-free solder paste can provide up to 10,000 shots per hour for a work-flow rate compatible with most pick-and-place machines. It comes packaged in 10g (3 cc) syringes, which can deliver up to 100,000 deposits, and is said to be free of entrapped air, which can cause skipping problems. Ultra Fine Pitch solder paste is available in several alloys. Flux options include RMA, water soluble, and no-clean low residue types. All formulations are halide-free and meet or exceed J-STD-004 and J-STD-005 specifications.

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