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Solderable Plated Plastic GBIC Guide Rails Offers EMI Shielding

Made of a solderable plated plastic, this line of guide rails for Gigabit Interface Converters (GBICs) deliver EMI shielding typically associated with metal GBIC rails, but without the problems. The plated-plastic rails are constructed of high-temperature plastic with a special copper/nickel plating that is compatible with conventional soldering processes. As a result, the rails can be loaded onto circuit boards and soldered along with the rest of the components on the boards.
Weighing significantly less than metal rails, the plastic rails are part of the firm's wide range of products for GBIC-based systems. Other offerings include copper and optical cabling, patch cords, loop backs, and SCA adapters. The rails are the first in a line of products based on this solderable plated plastic. Some other products include plastic circuit boards with plated-on solderable contacts, and shielded plastic enclosures. The rails are priced under $2.50 each at high production volumes.

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