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Soldering System Delivers High Power And Tight Thermal Control

Forecasting better production quality and joint formation plus reduced tip erosion, the PS-900 soldering system raises power output without using excessive tip temperatures. Exploiting SmartHeat technology, the system provides the capability to solder high thermal applications including lead-free solders, multi-layer boards, and large components. It is a fixed temperature system that varies power to match the thermal demands of the job. The system includes an ergonomic soldering hand piece, auto-sleep work stand for the iron, and a temperature resistant tip removal pad. Over 30 tip geometries are available in dimensions from 0.4 mm to 5 mm and all tips employ a high plating thickness to protect them from flux attack, thereby prolonging tip life and lowering costs. The PS-900 will be available at the end of January 2008. For more details, call OK INTERNATIONAL, Garden Grove, CA. (714) 799-9910.


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