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Solid-State Device Accurately Controls Temperature

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Designed for a wide array of heating applications at temperatures ranging from 50¡F to 290¡F, Model 2692 is said to be an accurate solid-state hot temperature controller featuring a load-active red LED indicator, potentiometer adjustment (one turn, 270¡), and adjustable slotted mounting to match most bulb and capillary mounting footprints. Measuring only 2.55"W x 3.4"H x 1.25"D, with its shaft extending just 0.9" above pc boards, the new temperature controller also offers factory-fixed or user-selectable input voltage configurations, 30A on-board EMR or SSR drive output, and fixed or adjustable temperature settings with nine range options. The unit requires a thermistor sensor temperature probe and mounts on panels with just two screws. For more details, call Russell Kido at SELCO PRODUCTS CO., Orange, CA. (714) 712-6200.

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