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Solid-State Power Controllers React To Fault Conditions Instantaneously

Employing a power FET output stage and built using thick-film technology, two new solid-state power controllers (SSPCs) are designed for modern computer-controlled systems in aerospace, military and transportation applications. Hermetically sealed in a metal package, the fast-acting Series P152 and P170 offer trip-free performance and built-in overload and short-circuit protection. They react to fault conditions and can shut down within microseconds.
The P152 is rated at 2A to 7.5A for 270 Vdc systems, while the P170 is 0.5A to 15A at 28 Vdc. As with all the company's SSPCs, the P152 and P170 have fully isolated bias, control and status. They do not require derating for any load type, making them highly reliable in harsh environments. Designed for pc board mounting, the P152 measures 69.6 mm x 34 mm x 9.65 mm and the P170, 37.97 mm x 27.31 mm x 9.42 mm.

Company: POWERCOM LLC. - a Leach International company

Product URL: Click here for more information

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