Electronic Design

Solid-State Relays Boast 0.40-in.<sup>2</sup> Footprint

The VS series of solid-state relays suit applications where pc-board area is at a premium and pinout compatibility is significant. The VS040607P150A4/5/N has a footprint of 0.40 in.2 with a height of only 0.6 in. It's designed to control either 150 V dc or ac at a continuous 4-A RMS without heatsinking at high switching speeds. Input requirements are 30 mA at 5 V dc at 10 kHz and 20 mA at 10 Hz. The on-state resistance is only 90 mΩ. Design flexibility is enhanced by exclusive input-output parameters and custom pinout and orientation. Available now, the VS series solid-state relays cost between $30 and $200 in 100-piece quantities.

VS Holding Electronic Design & Research www.vsholding.com; (502) 933-8660

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