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Sonar I/O Board Suited to Seismic Frequency Apps

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This sonar I/O board is a fully rugged 6U VME ADC/DAC board developed to give a commercial-off-the-shelf solution for sonar I/O. The ASD-1 is suited to seismic, acoustic and other frequency domain applications. This sub-system combines 16 simultaneously sampling 16-bit sigma-delta A/D channels each at up to 195 kHz and 8 simultaneously updating output channels using the latest 16-bit delta-sigma D/A converter technology at up to 108 kHz each. Each of the 16 sigma-delta ADC channels has an AC coupled differential receiver with a fixed gain amplifier set at 1 (0dB). Input bandwidth is limited by the 64X oversampling converter technology and a second order Butterworth analog filter on each input. Similarly, each of the 8 delta-sigma DAC outputs has a 3rd Order Bessel filter for shaping of each output waveform while ensuring a linear phase response. Pricing starts at $11,192. RADSTONE TECHNOLOGY CORP., Montvale, NY. (800) 368-2738.

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