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SONET Oscillator Tackles Optical Networking Apps

Based on 10 kHz-PECL logic, the Model M2748 optical networking clock oscillator develops 155.52-MHz reference signals needed by SONET optical networking systems. Other highlights include fast PECL logic and advanced performance on all key parameters. The device exhibits a maximum jitter of 5 psrms, waveform rise and fall times of 2 ns typical, and waveform symmetry better than 45/55. The device develops dual complementary output signals, which permit differential signal transmission techniques. Differential drive minimizes waveform distortion when sending clock signals over circuit board traces, through connectors, and over equipment backplanes. The oscillator operates on 5 Vdc and draws 60 mA maximum at 155.52 MHz. Two models are available: a standard M2748 in a through-hole DIL package or Model H2748 in a 0.5'' sq. package measuring 0.2'' high. Pricing is $18.00 each in OEM quantities.


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