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Space-Saving LDO Regulators Offer Fixed And Adjustable Outputs

Designed for use in hard disk drives, CD-ROM and CD-R drives, DVD players, switching power supplies and other computer peripheral applications, the dual-regulator FAN1537 series LDO regulators offer 12 devices in three models, each of which provides one fixed 3.3V output and a second output of either 2.5V (FAN1537A), 1.8V (FAN1537C) or a user-adjustable voltage output (FAN1537B). Said to be the only dual-channel regulators on the market offered in both the Powerflex-compatible SPAK package and a SO-8 configuration, the series also occupies up to 37% less board space versus single-regulator designs. The FAN1537 offers functionality equivalent to two FAN1117 regulators in a single 5-lead SPAK package. All models provide a 1A maximum output current rating for both regulators, on-chip thermal overload limiting, and short-circuit protection. Other features include a low dropout voltage of 1.1V at 1A, typical, a typical load regulation of 0.05%, and noise rejection of 60dB minimum. Price is $0.81 each/1,000.


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