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Speed Controller Manages BLDC Motors

The DEC 24/3, a single-quadrant amplifier for brushless DC (BLDC) motors, is a ready-to-use open board for many driving applications with a 5V to 24V operating voltage and a maximum output power of 3A (intermittently up to 6A). Its wide input-voltage range supports various voltage sources, allowing operation as a digital speed controller and open-loop speed controller. The required operating mode can be selected using a DIP switch, and speed value can be set via an integrated potentiometer or external reference. The controller offers additional setting options with control inputs available for selecting motor direction, disable, and braking. Required maximum power is set using a potentiometer. In continuous operation, output current should reach 3A, and 100% overload is permissible for intermittent acceleration. Other features include under-voltage protection and blocking protection, which stops motor current from going below the minimum speed for more than 1.5s. An LED indicator shows motor error functions or missing connections. MAXON MOTOR USA, Fall River, MA. (800) 865-7540.


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