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Speedy CompactPCI CPU Boards Deliver Workstation-Like Performance

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Targeted at high-end applications such as communication, industrial automation and others, the CP7 (6U) and CC7 (3U) CompactPCI CPU boards allow flexible configuration in terms of processor, main memory and other on-board peripherals. The boards are powered by a 300-MHz Intel Celeron processor with 128-kbyte Level 2 cache and an option to upgrade to a 450-MHz Pentium II CPU. Their local PCI bus supports a maximum data transfer rate of 132 Mbytes/s. Also on the board is a 64-bit VGA/LCD graphic controller, Fast Ethernet and SCSI connectivity, and an EIDE controller. In addition to Windows NT/95/98, MS-DOS and Solaris, the boards support real-time OSs such as QNX and VxWorks. Users may choose a hard disk drive with up to 8.4 Gbytes or a flash disk with up to 240 Mbytes of storage.

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