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Split-Bobbin Transformer Powers Low-Profile Apps

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Designed especially for low-profile applications, the TSB Series of linear-lamination power transformers is rated at 2 to 12 VA and provides clearances ranging from just 0.0625" to 1.0625". The semi-toroidal, split-bobbin construction reduces radiated magnetic fields and offers lower inter-winding capacitance than conventional, concentrically-wound designs, it's claimed. Primary voltages are 115V to 230V, 50/60 Hz. Secondary RMS ratings in a series configuration range from 10V CT, 200 mA to 230V CT, 50 mA; in parallel, the range is from 5V, 400 mA to 115V, 100 mA. The TSB-2 and TSB-6 occupy less than three square inches of circuit board space and provide minimum clearances of 0.625" and 0.875", respectively. Prices range from $5.85 to $7.65 each/2500.

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