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SRAM BGAs Support Motorola DSPs

Four new 24-bit-side 3.3V SRAMs are designed for use with Motorola 56300 digital signal processors and are available in 119 BGA packages. The multi-chip packages are reported as saving 61% board space over their monolithic equivalents and offer fast access times of 10 ns to 15 ns for both commercial and industrial applications. The WED8L24257V-BC is a 6-Mbit SRAM, organized as 256K x 24, is available with a single chip enable or 3-chip enable, which provides individual byte control. The WED8L24513V-BC is a 12-Mbit SRAM, organized as 512K x 24, is also available with a single-chip enable or 3-chip enable with individual byte control. Benefits include improved system performance and reduced board connections. The 24-bit devices are suited for communications applications such as videoconferencing, Internet telephony, and wireless and wireline infrastructures. Pricing in lots of 10,000 is $31.00 and $55.00, respectively, in commercial temperature.


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