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Stacking Connector Maintains Integrity Of High-Frequency Signals

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The reduction of line noise and signal crosstalk allows the FCN-290H pc board stacking connector to maintain signal integrity in systems operating at speeds up to 600 MHz. The series consists of a 100-position, surface-mount plug and jack that measure 39.15 mm long and has a contact pitch of 0.5 mm and a board-to-board stacking height of 5.5 mm.To minimize signal interference, the connector features a series of wide ground blades between the signal terminals. This design shields the signal terminals from adjacent lines and results in low crosstalk and impedance matching of 50 ohms. Crosstalk of 1.47% near end and 1.37% far end are achieved at 300 MHz, it's claimed.Originally designed for CPU modules, the connector can also be used for memory and multi-chip and other high-performance modules. Its small size is applicable for modules in compact portable products.

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