Electronic Design

Stamp-Sized Reprogrammable ASIC Smoothes IP Delivery

Mounted on a 28-pin postage-stamp-sized circuit board, the Musketeer reprogrammable ASIC serves as a vehicle for implementing, delivering, and evaluating a vendor's microcontroller intellectual property (IP). It can be programmed with a vendor's microcontroller IP simply by downloading a specific design from the vendor's Web site. Since the Musketeer is directly compatible with STAPL files created by the company's Libero design environment software, users can also create new STAPL files and program them directly into the device using the host PC's RS-232 port. The Musketeer combines a built-in JTAG controller and related support circuitry with an Actel ProASIC flash-based reprogrammable FPGA. The ASIC's embedded "helper" microcontroller performs programming, real-time debugging, and boundary-scan functions via a built-in RS-232 port. Furthermore, the Musketeer microcontroller is supported by Domain Technologies' BoxView source-level debugger, which features an integrated STAPL player for programming the device. The Musketeer is available with the Actel APA075, APA150, APA300, or APA450 ProASIC devices. The units cost $175, $250, $350, and $500 each, respectively. An evaluation/demo board, complete with LCD, 28-pin ZIF socket, and DB-9 connector, costs $199.

QuickCores IP www.quickcores.com; (888) 828-3543

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