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Starburst Display Interfaces With Other Systems

A 5-digit starburst display module with an on-board flash PICMicro, MDM-1 is designed as a building block for many display and instrumentation applications. Using standard software routines downloaded from firm's website, one of the many PICMicro routines are publicly available or open architecture for users' own development. The on-board flash memory lets users reprogram the module as often as needed until development is complete. The module offers eight analog inputs and up to 22 digital I/O ports capable of driving or interfacing with other systems. For users wanting to create their own routines, the MDM-DEV-1 development system includes the MDM-1, development board, interconnect cables compatible with standard PICMicro programmers, and standard software routines on a 3.5" disk. The board includes PICMicro in-circuit programming, a power socket, input/output access to PICMicro pins, variable analog input, buzzer, temperature sensor and sockets for optional keypad and dot matrix display. Call for pricing or more information.

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