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Starter Kit Helps Evaluate DSP For Motor Control Applications

The Pathway TMS320C24x DSP Starter Kit is a stand-alone, low-cost, motor control application board for Texas Instruments' fixed-point DSP. The kit allows users to evaluate motor control algorithms as well as the on-chip flash resources of the TMS320C24x DSP. The board has a DSP installed to allow full-speed verification of code for the entire TMS320C24x family.Included with the kit is the Code Explorer development environment from GO DSP. The software gives users the ability to perform all debugging operations, including single stepping, running to breakpoints, and memory/register examination and modification, all with a simple point-and-click process.The motor control interface, provided by means of off-board connectors, links the DSP to both International Rectifier's and Texas Instruments/Technosoft's motor-control kits. The kits take as input the PWM signals from the DSP, communicate through a motor control-oriented bus, and, via a header, can provide the required drive for motor fields.

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