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Starter Kit For High-Connectivity ARM Controllers Speeds Motor Control Apps



The Toshiba Electronics BMSKTOPASM369 starter kit targets the first family of ARM-Cortex microcontrollers to combine Ethernet, CAN, and USB Host and Device connectivity in a single IC. Software tools that speed and optimize embedded designs for motor control applications also are available.

The evaluation board combines a Toshiba TMPM369Fxxx microcontroller with a set of connectivity options and peripherals (see the figure). It features an integrated power supply and offers turnkey prototyping and testing for applications ranging from industrial control systems and barcode readers to motion control, home appliances, and solar inverters.

The BMSKTOPASM369 hardware provides 10/100 Ethernet, USB (host and device) and USB (UART), CAN, and microSD interfaces as well as a dedicated motor control interface that supports direct connection to a motor power board. A light sensor, eight indication LEDs, and a joystick interface are also provided. A J-Link JTAG interface supports the connection of hardware probes for debugging and trace functionality.

Based around a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 core running at 80 MHz—and with up to 512 kbytes of flash memory and up to 128 kbytes of RAM—the four microcontrollers in the TMPM369Fxxx series integrate single-channel CAN2.0B, a full-speed USB host controller, a full-speed USB device controller, and a 10/100BASE single-channel Ethernet media access control (MAC).

Two independent analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) with conversion times of 1 µs (or 0.5 µs in interleaved mode) meet the requirements of barcode readers and other applications requiring ultra-fast conversion. In addition, each of the devices features a special multi-purpose timer (MPT) that combines three-phase pulse-width modulation (PWM) control with an ADC trigger, making the devices ideal for motor control applications.

All of the microcontrollers feature two 10-bit digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) channels and a two-channel encoder signal input for motor control. Also onboard are a real-time clock and an oscillation frequency detector that provides hardware monitoring of the CPU clock in accordance with the IEC60730 (Class B) safety standard for home appliances. Power-on-reset functionality and an internal oscillator are provided as well.

Toshiba Electronics Europe also has announced the expansion of its family of micro-step stepping motor driver ICs with a selectable resolution device capable of delivering peak output currents up to 5.0 A. Featuring high levels of integrated functionality, the TB6600HQ will reduce component count in office automation equipment, industrial systems, and other applications requiring accurate, repeatable, maintenance-free operation.

The TB6600HQ single-chip, PWM chopper-type bipolar micro-step stepping motor driver offers forward and reverse rotation control and selectable 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 step resolution. A smooth sinusoidal output supports low-vibration, high-efficiency motor operation, while selectable phase drive selection (2-phase, 1-2-phase, W1-2-phase, 2W1-2-phase, and 4W1-2-phase excitation modes) provides significant design flexibility.

Toshiba Electronics Europe

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