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STD 32 SBC Supports Standard Socket-7 CPUs

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Supporting standard socket-7 CPUs up to 400 MHz that include Pentium, K6, K6-2, K6-III, and the low-power K6-2E for fanless operation, the VL-686-2 is an STD 32 single board computer (SBC). It also supports up to 128 MB of system RAM and up to 72 MB of disk-on-chip flash. A battery-backed static RAM option is claimed to allow infinite read/write cycling with full power-fail protection.
Additional features include: a fail-safe RS-485; a second IDE port for an optional CompactFlash adapter; single-supply operation at +5V; 512 KB level 2 cache; and a re-programmable BIOS. A latching I/O connector supports standard system I/O including an IDE interface, two communication ports (232/422/ 485), a parallel port, keyboard port, and some extra counter/timer channels.
The board was designed from the ground up with a focus on longevity and reliability. Versions of the SBC include support for AMD K6-2 3D Now CPUs running at 266 or 400 MHz. Software compatibility includes Windows 95/98/NT/CE, QNX, Linux, RT-Linux, and OS-9. Price is under $1,500 in low OEM quantities.

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