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STD Bus Card Cages Contain Integral Supplies

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To address ever-shrinking development cycles, a line of STD Bus card cages comes fully assembled with either 100W or 50W integral power supplies. Both supplies have three dc outputs of 5V, 12V and -12V. Input voltage range is 85 to 264 vdc at 47 to 63 Hz. The cages hold from two to 26 STD Bus or CMOS STD Bus cards and are available with either 0.625" or 0.75" vertical centers between slots.The 50W supply is a switching unit that will maintain regulation on all output voltages down to zero current, thus eliminating the need for load resistors. The 100W supply is designed for medium to large system configurations that require more boards in a card cage. Both are protected against short circuits and overloads and incorporate a feedback network for fast transient response and tight regulation. Cages are supplied with a backplane that supports full 16-bit data transfers.

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