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Step-Down Regulators Combine Efficiency And Small Size

Operating at up to 95% efficiency and housed in 6-lead, 3 mm x 3 mm molded leadless packages (MLPs), the FAN2011 and FAN2012 1.5A synchronous dc/dc buck regulators minimize board space in set-top boxes, hard disk drives and point-of-load power supplies in communications equipment. Potential board space savings can be up to 40% compared with supplies that use either linear or non-synchronous regulators. Both can carry a continuous load current of 1.5A and operate at a frequency of 1.3 MHz. The high operating frequency allows use of small external components. Output voltage is adjustable from 0.8V to VIN. The FAN2011 operates in an “always on” mode while the FAN2012 has an enable pin that permits implementing power management schemes for power conservation. Pricing in 1,000 piece quantities is $0.74 each for the FAN2011 and $0.79 each for the FAN2012. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA.


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