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Stepper Motors Move Larger Loads

A new series of NEMA size 23 stepper motors is said to have higher torque, giving designers the ability to increase load size and improve throughput without going to larger frame size motors. The PF468 Series stepper motors come in four amp rating combinations for easy integration into existing designs. Rated volts/amps combinations include 7.2V/1.0A per phase, 4.5V/2.0A per phase, 1.5V/3.0A per phase, and 1.0V/4.0A per phase in models 468-01 through –04, respectively. The low-cost, high-performance 468 series steppers should be considered for new applications and for improving performance of existing applications such as medical equipment, linear and rotary stages, circuit board testing, pick-and-place robots, and semiconductor manufacturing. To integrate these new steppers into new and existing applications, the motors have rear shaft extensions for dampers, brakes or feedback elements, winding variations to fit the volt/amp requirements of the power supply, splined shafts for direct gearing interfaces, custom wire terminations, and connectors for drop-in assembly. Resolution on the 77.5 mm steppers is 200 steps per revolution or 400 steps per revolution in the half-step mode.

Company: NYDEN CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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