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Stereo Audio DAC Boasts Of 120-dB Dynamic Range

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With a dynamic range of 120 dB, the AK4393 is said to be the world's best stereo audio D/A converter. The 24-bit, 96-kHz device is based on Asahi Kasei Microsystems' multi-bit delta-sigma technology and is a prime candidate for DVD, DAT and other demanding digital-audio applications.Included within the device is a 24-bit, 8x digital filter. Overall THD+N performance is 100 dB, ensuring high fidelity and accurate reproduction of any kind of music. The chip integrates a switched-capacitor filter in the analog output stage, which provides excellent tolerance to output jitter and reduces the number of external components. In addition, the converter offers a low-distortion, full differential output that simplifies system design. It is available in a space-saving 28-lead VSOP. An evaluation board is available to aid in system design efforts.

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