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Stereo DACs Support Current And Future Audio Formats

With an eye on staple and emerging audio formats, the WM8728, WM8706 and WM8729 stereo D/A converters are based on a six-bit architecture that is said to be 64 times less sensitive to clock jitter than a one-bit device. With support for direct stream digital (DSD) audio on board, the WM8728 is compatible with existing PCM audio formats, as well as the latest super audio CD (SACD) bit-stream standard. In SACD mode, it provides two channels of one-bit DSD with a sampling rate of 2.8224 MHz, offering full compatibility with CDs while providing a migration path to SACDs. The WM8706 and WM8729 support PCM with 16 to 24 bits and sampling rates up to 192 kHz. The WM8706 includes a serial interface, digital interpolation filters, multi-bit sigma delta modulators, and a stereo D/A converter with a volume control. The WM 8729 is a hardware-only version of the WM8706 and does not include a volume control. Available in a 20-pin SSOP, the WM8728 and WM8706 cost $2.14 and $2.81 each/1,000, respectively. The WM8729 in a 16-pin SOIC is priced at $1.71 each/1,000.


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