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STMicroelectronics Delivers Dual HDTV Decoder On 65-nm Technology

Ready to drive set-top box (STB), digital video recorder, and DVD applications, the STi7200 debuts as the first dual video stream, high-definition decoder chip built on 65-nm process technology. The system-on-chip supports both HD DVD and Blu-Ray formats and can simultaneously decode two high-definition video streams, eliminating the need for two STBs. It shares the architecture of the existing STB7109, while doubling the decoding capability. Dual Ethernet ports distribute content and dual transport stream processors allow for DVR configurations with up to four-channel recording alongside two-channel viewing or time-shifted playback. System connectivity includes dual SATA disk drive interfaces and three USB ports. Also on board is the company's fourth-generation security technology. The chip supports Secure Video Processor and Windows Media DRM 10 standards, which allow digital rights to be passed between devices. Sampling now in a 35 x 35 PBGA package, price is $30 each in high volume. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.


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