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STN Color LCD Operates Over Wide Temperature Range

A 256- by 64-pixel super-twisted nematic (STN) color LCD known as the F-51136 features cold-cathode backlighting. Designed for the automotive, industrial, navigation, and general-transportation markets, it's easy to read in normal and low-light conditions. Also, it operates between −30°C and 85°C.

This LCD's performance is achieved through double-cell STN color technology. Integrated features include an on-board controller, a dc-dc converter with a temperature-compensation circuit, and cold-cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting with an attached heater.

The LCD's viewing area is 106.66 by 27.62 mm, and its outline measures 146.2 by 39.3 by 17 mm. Also, the F-51136 boasts a 0.385-mm dot pitch and a 50:1 contrast ratio. The device's drive duty is 1/64, and it runs from a 5.0-V power supply. Additionally, its single CCFL backlight provides high brightness levels.

Available now, prices begin at $126 in production quantities.

Optrex America Inc., 44160 Plymouth Oaks Blvd., Plymouth, MI 48170; (734) 416-8500; www.optrex.co.jp.

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