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Storage Subsystem Meets Military And Aerospace Needs

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The SC6F, a fully integrated SCSI storage subsystem, has joined the Managed Reliability Technology series of storage solutions and now offers the highest reliability and durability ratings in the line. The SC6F storage subsystem incorporates up to 4 GB of flash memory, a hot-swappable PC Card slot and a SCSI controller with boot BIOS ROM on a single slot 6U CPCI plug-in card. Created to meet the mission critical demands for fixed and removable media storage in military and aerospace applications, the CPCI rack-based subsystem provides all solid-state storage without moving parts or motors. The S6CF operates either through the CPCI bus using the on-board SCSI controller and boot BIOS ROM, or through the host system SCSI adapter via J5 as an ultra-wide LVD or SE SCSI peripheral. Because of its single slot size, the SC6F storage subsystem requires no external drive mounting brackets and cabling. OEM pricing for a 4-GB flash and removable PC Card slot is $7,825. ADTRON, Phoenix, AZ. (602) 735-0300.

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