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Strip Sockets And Interconnects Have Tail Pins

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The fragile inner conductors of a multi-layer board can be easily damaged by solid press-fit pins. To solve this problem, the company has developed what's claimed as the first machined, compliant tail pin, solderless press-fit connections. The "compliant tail" pins press-fit into plated through-holes and are offered on the firm's strip sockets and board-to-board interconnects. The tails of the compliant pins are hollow and slotted, allowing them to close down and conform to 0.040"±0.003" plated through-holes. The tails also have a series of fine serrations that form a reliable gas tight connection with the tin plating inside the hole. Compliant strip sockets are offered in both single (Series 346) and dual row (Series 446) configurations. The compliant tail interconnects are offered in single (Series 800) and double (Series 802) row pin headers and mating single (Series 801) and double (Series 803) row sockets.

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