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Subminiature Connectors Extended To Include Reflow Process

The Delta D series connectors with through-hole technology, an extension of FCI's D-subminiature product line, are reflow process-compatible, pin-in-paste connectors. The devices are ideal for applications like daughter boards, where only a few components require more expensive wave soldering or press fit. Reflow soldering creates better results than traditional wave soldering, reducing the control times and repair costs, notes FCI. With a less complex connector design than surface-mount technology connectors, the Delta D series is the most price-competitive solution for reflow process-compatible connectors, while also providing the robustness of a through-hole solution, according to the company.

The pin-in-paste connectors, all RoHS-compliant, are available now in straight versions with nine to 50 positions and in a number of packages compatible with existing customer processes: manual positioning, automatic pick-and-place with vacuum nozzle, or gripper. Right-angle versions will be offered by the end of the year. Samples are available for immediate delivery, with production lead times from stock to six weeks. A 15-pin connector costs $2.29 for a 100-piece order. For more information, go to www.fciconnect.com/dsub.

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