Electronic Design

Subminiature Slide Switches Target Logic-Level Applications

At one-third the size of conventional miniature switches, the AS series of slide switches from NKK Switches was specifically designed to save space on pc boards in logic-level applications. The devices use NKK's Sliding Twin Crossbar (STC) contact mechanism, which offers benefits such as smoother positive detent actuation, increased contact stability, and exceptional logic-level reliability. An antistatic superstructure of carbon-blended polyacetal prevents static discharge to the contacts when used with the support bracket options.

The AS series can be configured with various actuator lengths and in single- or double-pole circuits (see the Figure). They are rated at 0.4 VA at 28 V ac/dc maximum. Designers can specify several mounting options, including straight pc in bracketed and unbracketed versions, vertical and right-angle mounts. All terminals are molded-in, epoxy-sealed, and ultrasonically welded to lock out flux and other contaminants. Terminal spacing is 0.100 by 0.100 in., conforming to standard PC board grid spacing. NKK recommends wave soldering for the AS series switches, which are not process sealed. Customers can order matching indicators with red, green, or amber LEDs. Check with the company for price and availability. For more information, go to www.nkkswitches.com.

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