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Subsystem Simplifies Flat Panel Integration Time And Cost

Providing a ready-to-mount flat panel display subsystem for interfacing man and machine, such as in test instrumentation, machine control systems, and kiosks, Panel PC is designed to overcome the messy and time-consuming issues relating to the integration of panels into systems. A sturdy, yet lightweight, black anodized aluminum frame serves as Panel PC's foundation, with the frame holding a 10.4", 640 x 480-pixel TFT LCD, backlight inverter, and a 133-MHz Pentium-class single-board computer plus video card and cables.The SBC offers 256 KB of cache, four serial ports, 48 digital I/O lines, Ethernet and PC/104 expansion capabilities, optional touch-screen and controller, and more. It also supports various standard OSs, real-time executives, utilities and drivers. And the back of PC Panel is arranged to give easy access and connection to I/O and power cables. The total assembly is only 3.25" thick and has a 11.3" x 7.8" footprint, with the open frame unit designed for mounting in enclosures. The subsystem dissipates only 30W.

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