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Suite And Toolkit Forge Integrated Multiple OS Development Environment

Metrowerks' Code Warrior applies the developmental glue to Enea's new Orchestra package. Orchestra targets multiple-processor applications that employ Linux and the OSE real-time operating system (RTOS). This includes OSE's Link Handler and Gateway, which offers transparent interprocess communication between processors. The OSE Illuminator allows for link monitoring. Orchestra also includes the Polyhedra real-time database for both operating systems. The communication system delivers a method for linking Polyhedra databases on different processors.

The Orchestra Application Development Suite subscription starts at $9995 per developer, per project, per year. The Platform Suite costs $4995. Developers can generate OSE or Linux applications. Starting at $5000, the Evaluation Kits include two PowerPC-based development boards and a PowerTap Pro debug probe, plus a 60-day evaluation version of the two suites. Linux development is royalty-free. Royalty-free or per-copy licensing is available for the OSE RTOS.

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