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Surface-Mount DIP Switches Have High Cycle Ratings

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Compatible with pick-and-place equipment and conventional SMT soldering processes, these surface-mount DIP switches are for manually programming circuit configurations on pc boards for computers, test equipment, process controls, communications equipment, and other electronic products. Three series are available: side-actuated, 2- to 8-position 7300 Series; top-actuated, standard-pitch, SPST, 2- to 10-position 7400 Series; and top-actuated, half-pitch, SPST, 2- to 10-position 7500 Series. The switches' position count varies in even increments and their minimum cycle rating is 7000, 2000 and 1000, respectively. And gold-plated contacts help optimize reliability. Delivery is from 1-10 weeks ARO, depending on part number.

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