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Surface-Mount LED Displays Trade Leads For Flat Pads

Automatic pick-and-place insertion is said to work just fine for a new line of surface-mount LED displays whose traditional leads have been replaced by flat pads. The swap from leads to pads not only permits the displays to be automatically rather than manually placed on pc boards, but also helps provide them with a compact design that offers a thickness of only 4 mm and a character height of 7.00 mm.The BS-C27 series of SMT LED displays can withstand IR reflow processing temperatures of up to 250¡C, are resistant to shock and vibration, and are available in a wide array of colors, including super bright red, green, yellow and orange. In addition, the intensities of the displays span a range that extends from 12.0 mcd to 20.0 mcd, measured at 10 mA.The leadless devices are well-suited for use as digital numerical displays for products such as cell phones, pagers and mobile communications. For other details and pricing, contact AMERICAN BRIGHT OPTOELECTRONICS CORP., Brea, CA. (888) 533-0800.


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