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Surface-Mount Pins Deliver Reliable Solder Joints

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Designed for high-reliability pc board interconnection applications, the Surf-Shooter SMT pins feature a design that employs capillary action of reflowing solder to improve solder joint strength. The capillary action contributes to a thinner solder layer which creates a higher retention force of the solder layer between the pin base and the solder pad. In addition, the pin's capillary action provides a way for gasses to escape so the solder joints have fewer and smaller voids. The absence of such voids reduces solder joint cracks during thermal cycling. Also, the use of capillary action draws the pin into its final position on the solder pad, eliminating pin floating and the need for fixturing. The parts are available in a variety of sizes from 0.025" square pins to 0.080" round posts in multiple lengths.

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