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Surface-Mount, Right-Angle LED Targets Card Edge Applications

A new surface-mount, right-angle LED indicator is said to be ideal for card edge applications. The SMT200 incorporates a 5 mm LED mounted 90¡ from the PC board so the illumination pattern does not require light pipes or secondary optics to distribute the light.The LED is available in three primary gallium phosphide colors: red (635 nm), amber (583 nm), and green (565 nm). At 2 mA, these diffused LEDs offer even, consistent illumination, the company says. Luminous intensity of the LEDs is 2.3 mcd for red and green and 2.1 mcd for amber.Available in 13" reels, the SMT200 are compatible with most pick-and-place equipment, and infrared and convection soldering processes used in automated assembly. The deviceÕs housing is made of Fortron PPS, a high-temperature material with excellent chemical resistance. Units are supplied on 24 mm tape and 12 mm pitch reels containing 700 parts. Price is $0.47 each/7,000 (10 reels). DATA DISPLAY PRODUCTS, El Segundo, CA. (310) 640-0442.


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